College of Evangelism

Part-time course starting

on January 17th  2025

Welcome to the College of Evangelism!


On January 17th 2025 the next season of College of Evangelism is starting.

Here you will be equipped to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with any person in any situation.

In this 3-month course you will learn in theory and in practice how God will use you

to reach people in any life situation for His son Jesus. 


Down below you will find a Q&A that will help you with further questions.

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We're looking forward to your application, you can find the button down below! ;-) 

Questions & answers

When will the 

College of Evangelism (CoE) start?

We will start on January 17th 2025.

Registration closes on January 10th 2025. 


Where will the College take place?

The College is located in the Dresen Projekt e.V. (Biedenkopfer Str. 68, 35713 Eschenburg Simmersbach), but it is also possible to participate online and part-time.


  Who is teaching at the CoE? 

Fabian Lößlein and Floriana Di Maggio will mainly lead the CoE and will teach together with the strong team of the Dresen Projekt. Multiple guest speakers will also share their knowledge and experiences.


What can you expect of the CoE?

A good balance between theory and practice - you

will learn to share the gospel with any person in any situation.


Your character will be developed in the 1 on 1 mentoring.


You will get encouraged, set free and grow in

your revival group.

Who will teach as a guest speaker?

Maria Prean (Vision for Africa),
Daniel Exler (Strahlen der Freude),
a speaker of CfaN
& many more ...


How frequently and when will the College take place?  

Every second week on Friday-Sunday,
the week in between on Thursday Evening.
The exact dates you can find in the next section.



How much will the College of Evangelism cost?

The course is 1800€ per person. This includes the theory and practical classes as well as the individual mentoring and a revival group. 

Payment by installments and scholarships

can be arranged if needed. 

After confirmation of the participation the amount is to be transferred to the account of the Dresen Projekt e.V.

(IBAN: DE86 5176 2434 0023 4028 07)



How about accommodation and catering? 
The food for the weekend will be provided

for an allowance of 40€.

The accommodation will be organized by every participant on their own but we are happy to assist you with finding a place to stay.

Times & Dates


Friday: 8-10 PM

Saturday: 10 AM - 3 PM, 3-7 PM small Outreach / Discipleship

Sunday: 11 AM - 2 PM Teaching / Church / Discipleship

During the week: 1 hr. serving


Thursday: 8-10 PM

Big Outreach: 10 AM - 6 PM



Weekends (Fr-Su):

January 2025: 17th-19th; 31st-02nd

February 2025:; 14th-16th; 28th-02nd

March 2025: 28th-02nd; 14th-16th; 28th-30th 

April 2025: 11th-13th; 25th-27th




January 2025: 23rd
February 2025: 06th; 20th

March 2025: 06th; 20th

April 2025: 03rd; 17th; 




Besondere Events:

Großer Outreach: 15.03.

Abschlusswochende: 25.-27.04.



Special Events:

Big Outreach: March 15th 

Final Weekend: April 24th-26th



What kind of special events await you?

Regularly there will be small Gospel Outreaches, where everyone can learn in their own pace to pray for the sick and to share the gospel.


At one weekend we will visit a bigger city to apply everything you have learned in a practical way. 


Other than that there will be regular discipleship appointments, where you will learn with a supervisor how to disciple others. 


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