Why Dresen Projekt?


In 2015 Fabian and Gabi Lößlein bought the former "Wirtshaus zum Dresen" to realize a vision that God had showed to them very clearly. To show all people in the area of Eschenburg that they are still very welcome in those premises, they kept the "Dresen" as a part of the name. But also to visitors from far away the name "Dresen" is a good orientation, because it is the name of the busstop in front of the front door.
Simultaneously DRESEN is a great explanation for what exactly we are doing here:
Discipleship - We live discipleship because Jesus made us disciples and called us to multiplication.
Relationship - God created us for relationship with Him and each other, that is why we build a loving and healthy family.
Evangelism - God wants to call His beloved children back home and give them access to His kingdom.
Supernatural - It's natural to us to experience Gods supernatural power and we expect it anytime.
Eternity - Our faith, our existence and our work is focussed on revival and that goal may cost us everything.
Network - Our heartbeat is to stand together in the great harvest with many other disciples of Jesus worldwide and to work together for His kingdom.


Who we are

We are a discipleship movement that trains people in discipleship

and enables them to disciple others, to fulfill the great commandment of Jesus.


We love God, we love people and we change the world ...

by leading beloved children back to their father

and by discipling them until they themselves become the disciple-makers.



The best thing about this is: We don't only do the job Jesus gave us - we LOVE doing it!


So what can you experience with us? 

We hold seminars on a regular basis and at the evangelizing training (College of Evangelism) we go

beyond theory and share the gospel very practically. Even outside of the College of Evangelism we organize

outreaches, where people have an encounter with God, get healed and experience His love for them. 


We have a prayer room and coffee times to have fellowship with each other.

Time-outs and days of quietness and prayer are also possible for individuals and groups.

To arrange an appointment please use the contact form under "Contact" or write an e-mail to host@dresenprojekt.de.


Through the Discipleship School a house church network has developed.

The individual groups meet up weekly in the different regions and come together

at celebrations that happen regularly to celebrate God together.  


Above that we accompany, teach and connect the leaders of the house churches.


Besides that there are always different events that we love to inform you about.

You can find the regular events if you scroll down on the page.


Come and join us!



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